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A competitive analysis is a critical part of your company marketing plan. With this evaluation, you can establish what makes your product or service unique--and therefore what attributes you play up in order to attract your target market.

AI search engine summary main market players on importers ,suppliers, their products as well as product images etc. You can faster identify your competitor and their product details. Our easy tool is right here to help you quickly and efficiently assess the up and down stream on related products you are interested in.

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How to Get Foreign Buyers and Export Your Products

Why is data driven market important for B2B business?

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B2B sales are on the verge of a revolution, with a number of trends completely redefining what it will take to be a market leader over the next five years. Understanding your customer’s purchase behavior is a recipe and B2B Data Driven Marketing grounds this in science. The data-driven approach is helping B2B marketers  to deliver persona-based marketing .

We prove and improve marketing for our clients through smart marketing technology based on the data of company buying behaviors.



Cloud searching technology is applied to accurately locate high quality potential customer. At the same time, big data and artificial intelligence algorithm is used to deeply mining key purchasing /procurement personnel ,e.g, CEO, VP, owner, buyer, from huge network and bill of lading data around 30 countries which
Overall, our platform will help marketers to better understand the international market and provides a very efficient, cost saving way to grow international business.


AI Target Customer Finder

Multiple data from our bill of lading database, regional search engine, social media etc. We provide 3 dimensions searches with our platform: “find customers”,“souring ” , “global search”. The “find customers” focus on the importers which have historical buying behaviors. Those trading details e.g products, suppliers,prices, quantities and the frequency etc.The “souring ” option, on the other hand, is an AI search engine summary main market players on importers, suppliers, their products as well as product images etc.The “global search” is a integrated of regional search engines and social media, which provide large amount of potential customers .


Find Contacts Based on Big Data

The contact information can be collected easily in our platform with In-depth data eg. email,phone#,title of decision maker, CEO, VP, Owner, Buyer, Procurement Manager etc.


Automatic Email Marketing

All in one accurate marketing solution. 24 hours email marketing automation with built in excellent templates ,dynamic IP resources, target time zone auto email sending , Graphic analysis report of email campaign on sent , success , failure, browsed,read, IP /terminal of target clients etc.


Segment Market Report

Graphic and dynamic auto market analysis report on the distribution of export/ importing countries,top 10 suppliers/buyers with time serials trading data would help B2B player to identify the competitors situation and potential client list on upstream/downstream.


Competitor Analysis

Competitors’ painters, trading details and trend can be monitored within efficiently. Track a company’s entire digital footprint, analyze  and Identify market trends, identify opportunities and threats.


Bill of Lading Records

Billions bill of lading records from 30 countries is upgraded monthly and shows very detail and useful information on the trading record with importer/buyer, product name, price etc. Customized search are also available.

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