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Designed to help exporters to handle B2B marketing integrated with  our powerful big data “contact finder”which enable precise marketing . Easy to use and affordable option for small business. Efficient email campaign with up to 10,000 free emails marketing. It is an easy to use tool and affordable option for small businesses.

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No matter which industry you choose - agriculture, technology, pharmacy or clothing, we will provide reports for every product that meets your business needs. Our import and export analysis report can introduce products and industries more comprehensively. Statistical data, charts and graphs of trade analysis report to simply and correctly form a view of trade commodities with value-added specifications. Our analysis helps to identify new business opportunities around the world.

Lading bill email marketing

User Friendly Target Email Pool imported from “find contacts”

Whenever you find any contact & emails during the search within our platform, it can be saved in the email pools. The email pool may also be organized in different categories which become hand on data when email marketing start.

Custom import data

Free Email Templates

Many designed email templates along with an user friendly email editor has been built in platform for email marketing. The template can be select and easily edited by clicking or dragging any images or files.

find B2B contact email

Flexible Option on Email setting

To avoid the spam of marketing email, different email titles may be applied on one marketing email and various email sending frequency options are also available. The emails sending time based on the target market can be schedule to ensure the delivery of marketing message to target customers.

B2B email finder, title, extractor

Excellent Market Analysis

Plenty of dynamic product based marketing information is ready for you in our platform, including :exporting/ importing countries, top 10 suppliers/buyers ,monthly market trends etc.

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You want to grow your export business – and need email marketing software that’s easy to use, affordable, and has features to turn your leads into customers. This the right tool for you.


Latest works


Adopt the cloud search technology independently developed, accurately locate the high-quality customers, use big data and artificial intelligence algorithm to deeply mine the CEO, VP, owner, buyer, purchasing, procurement... Of the key procurement personnel in the huge network data and the bill of lading data of 30 trading countries, so as to help the foreign trade enterprises follow up the customers' road, better understand each other, find a better entry point, and then Increase the foreign trade turnover rate.


AI Target Customer Finder

Multiple data from our bill of lading database, regional search engine, social media etc. We provide 3 dimensions searches with our platform: “find customers”,“souring ” , “global search”. The “find customers” focus on the importers which have historical buying behaviors. Those trading details e.g products, suppliers,prices, quantities and the frequency etc.The “souring ” option, on the other hand, is an AI search engine summary main market players on importers, suppliers, their products as well as product images etc.The “global search” is a integrated of regional search engines and social media, which provide large amount of potential customers .


Find Contacts Based on Big Data

The contact information can be collected easily in our platform with In-depth data eg. email,phone#,title of decision maker, CEO, VP, Owner, Buyer, Procurement Manager etc.


Automatic Email Marketing

All in one accurate marketing solution. 24 hours email marketing automation with built in excellent templates ,dynamic IP resources, target time zone auto email sending , Graphic analysis report of email campaign on sent , success , failure, browsed,read, IP /terminal of target clients etc.


Segment Market Report

Graphic and dynamic auto market analysis report on the distribution of export/ importing countries,top 10 suppliers/buyers with time serials trading data would help B2B player to identify the competitors situation and potential client list on upstream/downstream.


Competitor Analysis

Competitors’ painters, trading details and trend can be monitored within efficiently. Track a company’s entire digital footprint, analyze  and Identify market trends, identify opportunities and threats.


Bill of Lading Records

Billions bill of lading records from 30 countries is upgraded monthly and shows very detail and useful information on the trading record with importer/buyer, product name, price etc. Customized search are also available.

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