Why Sourcing Agent

China can be very difficult to navigate. Even an importer with decades of business experience in China would need a sourcing agent, or some form of boots on the ground. An agent assists importers with finding factories and getting their products manufactured. They often handle the entire process, creating a screen between the importer and the factory by acting as a middleman.

Why Us

1. Certified Network

Honest Joy is the third party certified network located in china. We are excited to introduce you to over one million certified companies in our network and work with you to grow your business, while improving the quality of trade globally.

2. One Stop Solution for Manufacture

Navigating categories in our database, any product you are looking for, Or just refine your needs and we will find a great manufacturer for you. We also provide prototype service or one stop solution from an idea or design to a final product.

3. Send Quote and Avoid the Risks

Choose a specific product from suppliers, or send through quote to all relevant suppliers in our network. We will generate a quote and avoid any language or cultural barriers that may exist. The risks on payment, delay or product quality will be controlled

4. Plant Audit

We also provide plant audit service to buyers and can work on site for your projects

5. Quality Control

We have a team of experts with strong manufacture and quality control background who have international working or education experience. Our laboratories in china are also an unique resources to support the quality assurance locally.