Big data+AI global + Efficient International Trading platform, All in one accurate marketing solution.
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Target Customer Finder by Custom Data, Linkedin, Social Media

AI Target Customer Finder

Find Contacts’ email address, phone based on big data

Find Contacts Based on Big Data

Automatic Email Marketing

Automatic Email Marketing

Market analysis importer or buyer international business

Segment Market Report

Free Custom Data Search

Bill of Lading Records

Competitor Analysis from Custom Data

Competitor Analysis


Precisely global search from 175 regional search engines and 220 social media platforms, Accurately match contact information of importer/buyer based on big data technology. In-depth data mining email,phone,title of decision maker, e.g CEO, VP, Owner, Buyer, Procurement Manager etc. Accurate match target clients from Cloud database and global search engine. Bill of lading data from 30 countries is also available which is updated monthly with details on importer and exporter, product description, price,amount etc. Automation segment marketing analysis report is another benefit in our platform with billions of international trading records.

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Pree Competitor Analysis using Custom data

We provide all in one email marketing system

Various email servers along with AI matrix dispatch algorithm are built in.All email process are handled by our server automatically.

Multiple email templates,email title, email senders as well as variables options are available to ensure successful delivery.

Strong Email tracking records on email campaign results: Numbers of sent,succeed,failed,browsed. Client side browsed data including email address,time,ip,location etc are also available...

Global email sending timer can also be optimized to increase the exposure of your marketing emails. Start for free to discover what smart marketing tool.



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